I started this blog in 2006, at a time I was involved in the open source development of SIP Express Router and iptel.org.  Back in 2007, I was quite optimistic about SIP and Web 2.0 technologies and how I expected innovation to happen with these two sets of protocols. Fast forward nine(!) years, and I can conclude that I was too optimistic 🙂 SIP and Web 2.0 technologies did not really merge together as a set of technologies to enable innovation in the communications space.

However, I was right about the innovation potential in connecting real-time communications with Web 2.0 technologies, it was SIP I was wrong about. WebRTC is an excellent example of successor technologies to Web 2.0 coming together with session-based (audio and video) technologies. Cisco and my group, the Collaboration Technology Group, has launched a super-ambitious service and platform for collaboration (http://ciscospark.com), all based on REST, WebRTC, and … not SIP. Ironically, the main architect behind Cisco Spark is Jonathan Rosenberg, one of the inventors of SIP and the author of lots of IETF SIP drafts.

One of the big technological advances that was the final nail in the SIP coffin was the smartphone technologies. SIP is not at all suited for the low-battery, on and off nature of mobile phones. I’m really excited about finally seeing the innovation that I predicted and hoped for back in 2007! (And have a look at http://developer.ciscospark.com/)

BUT, the name of my blog, Sipstuff, does not make sense anymore. Instead of dreaming up a nifty new name, I decided to change the name to Stuff. So, from here on my blog can be reached at http://stuff.ttwedel.no/. However, I will keep the old DNS entry for sipstuff.ttwedel.no, so nothing breaks.

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