The ActingWeb Reference Library

actingweb logoNEWS!!
Nov 18, 2016: The complete specification and reference implementation has been released in v1.0!!


The ActingWeb is not a theory, it’s a live python library and demo app you can start using to build your own apps today! Just install it using pip:

pip  install actingweb

If you just want to get your hands on the code and start tinkering with it, start here. Want to know more about ActingWeb? A bigger, more functionality-rich application is also available as code, have a look at the Spark Army Knife.

No specification is complete without test implementations, and in parallel with evolving the specification, I have implemented the full specification in a python library, as well as various real applications. For simplicity, the library initially supports deployment on Google AppEngine, and the current code uses the ndb storage backend, but the ActingWeb library can be deployed in any way (the library can easily be ported), and the specification can be implemented in any language suitable for REST service development.

The python ActingWeb library can be found in bitbucket with the documentation found at readthedocs.  You may want to start with the README to get a feel for what it does, or go straight to the Getting Started.  You can get the latest ActingWeb library stable release by checking out the release branch (or download the latest, version 1.0, zip package). The code from the release branch is always running at The code is continously tested by a test suite hosted at Runscope, but I have not yet been able to find a way to offer full read access to the live test results. The code is Apache 2.0 licensed.

Although the library itself can be run as a simple demo app, it is meant to be used for real stuff, and I have described on my blog how the library has been used in my Spark Army Knife App. Also, the code for the Spark Army Knife (for the Cisco Spark services) is also available.  I have another ActingWeb mini-app for, but I have not yet made that code available.

I have plans for better developer documentation, including a RAML description of the ActingWeb REST APIs (and hopefully auto-generated developer documentation), but not yet… The best way to learn more about how ActingWeb works is to tinker with the code and read the specification.