How to get the latest Spark Army Knife code?

Aug 19, 2017 UPDATE!!!  I have not received any feedback on the usefulness of having the Spark Army Knife code available. I have thus stopped updating the public code repository.  For the time being, I will let the repo of an older version of the app be available.

Spark Army Knife is a demo app of the ActingWeb library and an add-on service with some cool functionality for Cisco Spark users.

It is written in Python and hosted at (on top of Google AppEngine).  You can either sign up from the web (you need a free Cisco Spark account) or you can send a direct Spark message to You will then be given a link to follow to authorise the app’s access.

If you are interested in the code either for the sake of the Spark functionality or as an example of how to use the ActingWeb library, there is a bitbucket repository that hosts the running code and docs at readthedocs. You can either clone the code or download a bundle. If I write a blog post about an update, I typically make a new bundle and link to it from the post. 

If you are new to Google AppEngine, either have a look at the ActingWeb library Getting Started or a how-to-get-started post I wrote a while back with some screenshots. The Spark Army Knife code is a fully functioning app that you can deploy yourself to Google AppEngine. You just change the first line of app.yaml (the app name) to the name of your app, and then you edit actingweb/ where you see something in caps like this <YOUR_APPS_URL>. Then edit, extend, and change whatever you like. If you have code to contribute, that’s great!

Deploy and enjoy!