Spark Army Knife

swiss_army_knife005-640x562Spark Army Knife is an add-on service to the Cisco Spark collaboration service. It adds various utility functionality that is easily accessible using /command instructions in any Spark room. When you sign up, you also get a direct room with the Army Knife Bot (the “Control Room“) where alerts and responses are sent.

The Spark Army Knife started out with a small set of functionality and has grown to become a full-fledged army knife. The /help command gives you an overview of all the current functionality.

The easiest way to start using Spark Army Knife (you need a Cisco Spark account first) is to send a message in Spark to Existing Spark Army Knife users can use the /recommend Message command to send a recommendation message to others.

You can also sign up below with the same email address you use for the Cisco Spark service.


Your Cisco Spark email:

Privacy statement

When signing up to the Spark Army Knife, the service will register with Cisco Spark to get notifications about all messages and events. Only messages from you and messages auto-replied to will be retrieved in order to detect commands meant for the service or to post updates to the Control Room. When you do a /get command to retrieve VIP messages, those messages will be retrieved (live) and listed to you. In order to do this, the message ids will be stored until they have been listed once.  Message content is never stored or logged. The same is true for the /pin with reminder command.

The Spark Army Knife runs as a Google AppEngine app in a US data center. The code running as the public Spark Army Knife service is kept updated in a public code repository and is thus available for inspection (see below).

If you at any time wants to delete the service, you can type /delete DELETENOW in the Control Room. All data will then deleted. (Note that Cisco Spark will keep the Control Room history, so you can at any time type /init in the Control Room. This will create a new account, just like the first time you signed up.)


You can send a support message any time to Spark Army Knife by using the /support command (e.g. /support I’m struggling with …)

If you have problems getting Spark Army Knife to work, please send an email to support at for any questions or issues or send a request using the form below.  See known issues @ bitbucket and feel free to submit bugs/proposals.


The Spark Army Knife is a demo application for the ActingWeb library, and the code is BSD licensed, so you can make your own version. More details on the code.