Just to establish my presence and rationale for this blog: I have for some time now been involved in the open source effort around SER – SIP Express Router (the well-known SIP server), both through being one of the authors of the SIP – Getting started document found at http://onsip.org/ and as the maintainer of the repository for experimental modules to the SIP server.

SER has long been overdue for a revamp of the web-site presence, as well as the organization of the open-source project.  There are many developers contributing to the project, a new version with lots of exciting features is close to release, and the serusers@iptel.org and serdev@iptel.org mailing lists have a lot of activity. Unfortunately, an old website hosting SER (http://iptel.org) and lack of clear guidelines for roadmap, development, and releases, the SER project may appear to be less vital to the casual observer than it actual is.

So, I have the last couple of months participated in an effort to revamp the open-source project around best practices for open-source software development.  The main goals are to make SER a solid foundation for anybody 
in the need for a robust SIP server, also in everything sorrounding the actual code (the code being very mature and robust already) and to vitalize the community to ensure that SER can support the many things people want to do with a SIP server!

This new website will quite soon be released at http://iptel.org/.  However, a mini-launch has already been done at http://iptel.org/drupal.  Some content is available and some is in the works. I started with a small post to the iptel.org blog system, but realized that a more sophisticated blog system would be better to extend the reach (and simplify the maintenance of the log for me :-).

Here is my first post before moving here (I will continue to maintain the blog at http://sipstuff.blogspot.com/):

Posted May 4, 08:08 am CET

I decided to jot down my thoughts, ideas, and activities in my blog. I’m not sure who would be interested, but at least it will help in communicating what I’m up to on the iptel.org site.

I have the last few weeks been working on the content that I took on after the Oslo, Norway workshop with Jan (Janak) and Simon (Miles). Things are starting to shape up, but there are many things that we haven’t really discussed and where I hope to get some feedback. Many pages are still only viewable with special access rights as things have been written as conclusions (“this is the way it is”), while most things really are just suggestions.

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