The creation of a new home for SER has been a heavy lift; more work than I thought (always is, isn’t it?). The project is full of history and lots of code, modules, etc, and we are trying really to make a difference with how this website will support the SER/SEMS/SERWeb open source community. I believe our efforts will be worthwhile. Of course, once we launch the new site, we will be far from finished, but we will hopefully have a good foundation.

The new codebase for SEMS has generated a lot of activity again around SEMS, which is really great! And SEMS has started using the new site system for its homepage

An early release (haven’t guessed it yet??): The team behind and the SER – Getting Started document has joined forces with to strengthen the open source community on documentation and site. Thus, the site will be joined with

Stay tuned!

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