I’m really happy now that we finally can officially open the new http://iptel.org/!!!

Below is my post to serusers@iptel.org and serdev@iptel.org

Dear all!

We are doing this the soft way: Launching when everybody is on vacation šŸ˜€

We have for some time now been working on putting up a new community-based framework for the iptel.org open source projects. Our aim is to step-wise address lack of documentation, roadmap, release plans, transparent management and so on.

The new http://iptel.org/ site contains quite a lot of content. There is still plenty to migrate from the old iptel.org site, ONsip.org, as well as better organize documentation around SER development and releases. You can help out with that by adding a small FAQ, how-to, copy something from ONsip.org that you found particularly helpful and so on!

We have created some basic content that we hope you will help comment and develop further. Here are some pointers to content on the new site:
About the new site and how to contribute content

How to get started with SER?

Overview of documentation

The old ONsip.org Getting Started document

Contributed modules and patches

A beginning skeleton for a roadmap

A wishlist for future versions

Release policies
Below is the launch announcement.
Best regards,
Greger Teigre
The new http://iptel.org/, home of SER, SEMS, and SERWeb is now up. If you have an account from ONsip.org, you can log in using your old ONsip.org username/password. However, all content is available without registration.

The new site is supported by the joint efforts of the iptel.org and ONsip.org teams. Our aim is to dramatically improve the project communication, documentation, and development process. The start is already up there, and we have many plans. The best thing of all: The new http://iptel.org site is a great basis for contributions from anyone.

We are working on migrating and organizing the remaining content from the old site, but meanwhile you can access everything from the old site from http://dog.iptel.org/

We look forward to a revitalised SER open source project!

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