There are so many things I would like to do!!! Well, with SER, I mean.

I have for a long time had a special interest in creating a high-availability, high scalability reference setup for SER, as well as with the corresponding code. Not for 100k subscribers, but rather for 1k, that is, something cheap, simple, but robust. Some coding is probably necessary, but the challenge is to built it component-based, so that also 100k subscriber setups can use the same components. Well, to be continued, because that is currently not a priority.

The next few months, I think there are only three priorities: documentation, documentation, and documentation. You have probably seen the effort at What’s New in 0.10.x This was step 1, get one location where all documentation around new stuff in 0.10.x can be organized.

Other things that I think should be on the priority list:

  • implement new Getting Started config files (issue 6)
  • do something about the module documentation (make it easier to maintain and get access to)
  • prepare a migration guide based on What’s New in 0.10.x

There are plenty of other things. Contact me if you feel something should be on the above list…!

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