Two of the important things missing from SER have been simple ways of creating a scalable and redundant SIP infrastructure using only SER as software components. Why? Because such features are important elements of any SIP infrastructure. There has been resistance from many: “This should be up to each system administrator, as each has own Read More →

There’s currently a very interesting thread going on on the serdev mailing list: Dragos, one of the OpenIMScore developers, picked up one of my previous posts and wrote a long post about his experiences using SER for his project. Dragos’ post has spawned a long discussion in multiple threads (split by me) that covers the Read More →

Is SER a SIP server reserved for professionals? Is the configuration language of ser.cfg so complex that SIP novices should stay away? Should we post a sign at the entrance: “Beginners, please go to”? These kind of questions cropped up in a serdev thread that started out with how to handle user locations Read More →