I realized I haven’t blogged about the developers’ meeting in Prague!

It was a great success! We both had the scheduled meeting on Monday with presentations, and due to time-constraints we had another developers’ workshop on Wednesday (this was during the IETF meeting and many people were in town). Some even came back to Prague to participate and we were 15 people where most of the people with cvs write access + many of the people who have contributed the most participated. We also had a live webmeeting where 10-15 people who watched the presentation, listened in to the workshop and participated on IRC.

Here are the presentations from Monday and you can see slides and even listen to the Wednesday workshop!

I think the most important outcome of such a face-to-face meeting is that you get a face on the names, can discuss freely, and really get to know eachother better (yes, we had some beers after the workshop 😉 It’s easy to see that such meetings spawn new activity and create more fun out of everything.
So, we are going to do this again soon!

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