Here’s another update to the Spark Army Knife! This time, I’ll just give you an update on the new features. As usual, the complete code is available for download from the public repository. The zip-file with the current code is here.

First of all, I have for a long time wanted an auto-reply functionality. Not a cumbersome, I’m on vacation type of auto-reply, but a simple, “hey, I’m not here now” kind of functionality. It’s quite easy now with the latest update to the Spark Army Knife.


You can type this into any room, but using the Spark Army Knife control room (the 1 to 1 room with Spark Army Knife) is preferred.

From now on, all messages to you directly or where you are @mentioned will result in an automatic response.


Of course, you want to know who got this automatic response, and you will get a notification in the control room.


The second, but bigger functionality in this round is the support for folders. The functionality is fairly straight-forward: you add a Box folder to a group room, and it will be created in a pre-defined root folder in your Box account with all the room members as editors. As new members are added to the room, they will get permissions, and if they leave, their permissions will be revoked.

Before starting to use the service, you need to add the service to the Spark Army Knife.

Screenshot 2016-11-24 21.20.06.png

Alternativey, you can use /box rootfolder to use a different name for the root folder. You need to click the link and log in to with your Box account, and authorise access to Box.

You will get a simple confirmation in your web browser, and you can now use the /boxfolder command in any group room.

Screenshot 2016-11-24 21.27.44.png

Also here you can use /boxfolder foldername to explicitly set the folder name instead of using the room name.

That’s all there is to it! If you don’t want the box folder anymore, use /noboxfolder in the room (no Box folders or files will be deleted!!!) and if you want to terminate the service without terminating the Spark Army Knife, do /nobox from the control room and all authorisations and information will be deleted.

Enjoy the new tools!


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