Since November you may have noticed that I have updated the Spark Army Knife once in a while without blogging about it.  I just made all the code available on Bitbucket, so I thought it would be a good idea to write a quick update now.

See the Changelog for details, here are some highlights:

  • New admin room where you can see users coming and leaving as well as offer support to users
  • New /support command to message into the admin room to get support for the users
  • New webhook management commands /listwebhooks and /deletewebhook. Ever worried about app integrations you did and that you don’t want anymore? Don’t worry anymore, here you can get a list of all data sent by the Spark platform to apps you have integrated with. And if you want to terminate a connection, just delete the webhook! (Be careful, if the Spark integration offers a leave or delete option, you should use that)
  • Improved use of the bot to send messages to the user, so no more “on behalf of” messages when you are @mentioned or added to a room
  • Fixed problem with loop if two users have /autoreply and one messages the other (yeah, I know, who would try something like that…?! 🙂
  • Alert to users when their refresh token has expired, so they can do a new /init to authorise Spark Army Knife
  • Improved signup and /init process

It’s a pretty substantial code change, here’s the commit.


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