(intro to this post on devops) It has been a busy few months. Since my last post I have transitioned to a new role as part of day to day development (see linkedin.com/in/greger for more details) in the Collaboration Infrastructure Technology Group (UC, telephony, telepresence, conferencing, etc) in Cisco. Earlier, as part of Office of Read More →

Do people really understand what they do when they “collaborate”? Do they know how to use technology to achieve what they want? How do collaboration tools affect things like goal setting, prioritisation, conflict resolution, production, creativity, and all the other dynamics found in a team trying to solve a problem or deliver something? Fun fact Read More →

My last post on SVC and related technologies packed a lot of complex concepts into a fairly short post. If you didn’t quite follow, don’t worry, here is a quick summary of the conclusions:  <summary>Video streams come in many different resolutions and qualities depending on the type of video endpoint or client you have, and Read More →