My last post on SVC and related technologies packed a lot of complex concepts into a fairly short post. If you didn’t quite follow, don’t worry, here is a quick summary of the conclusions:  <summary>Video streams come in many different resolutions and qualities depending on the type of video endpoint or client you have, and Read More →

In my previous post in this series, I covered the three pillars of elastic media: bandwidth adaptation (optimise media throughput based on a receiver’s needs, user experience, and the network), media resilience (robust behavior when there is packet loss), and quality of service (policies implementing relative priority of various traffic in your network). Here I Read More →

It is already three years since my last blog post! My work has the last few years been of a nature where it would be difficult to write about the things I wanted to without revealing things about my work that I could not reveal. So, after some drafts, I ended up not posting anything Read More →

What is TelePresence? And what is the difference from video conferencing? This is a topic I have wanted to cover for quite some time… Let’s have a look at the history first: First there were video calls. Video calls were point to point calls, plain, simple Star Trek calls with one commander on each bridge, Read More →