People sometimes confuse prejudice and preconception. Both are assumptions you have without having actual experience or evidence that can tell you whether it is true and not. Because prejudice is a negative preconception, there is pressure to leave your prejudices behind because that is “the right thing to do”. However, that’s entirely the wrong thing to Read More →

Pivotal assumption – “An assumption on business case, priority, minimum viable offer, or requirement that if false will fundamentally change designs, deliverables, or timelines.” In my post on how organisational factors increase the bad impact of architectural debt, I referred to how the lack of clear business objectives and priorities slow you down and prevent Read More →

(intro to this post on devops) It has been a busy few months. Since my last post I have transitioned to a new role as part of day to day development (see for more details) in the Collaboration Infrastructure Technology Group (UC, telephony, telepresence, conferencing, etc) in Cisco. Earlier, as part of Office of Read More →